10118NAT – Diploma of Social Media Marketing

Digital Entreprenuers and Social Media Managers

Why Study a Social Media Marketing Course?

Social Media Marketing has revolutionised the business world. Social media is now used by billions of people, and there is a huge opportunity for social media professionals to connect businesses with consumers.

In under 12 months you can go from beginner to Social Media Marketing expert and be 100% job ready in the largest job growth industry.

  • Receive a formal qualification
  • Land your dream job
  • Become an industry leader
  • Work anywhere in the world
  • Join an inovative and exciting industry
  • Earn a salary premium
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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone looking to harness the business potential of social media. We help marketers, creative freelancers and small business owners become strategically social and boost B2B or B2C ROI exponentially.

We also recommend our social media marketing training for small business owners who want to market their personal brands strategically and cost effectively.


  • Digital Marketing job seekers
  • High-school graduates with a passion for social media
  • Advertising and marketing professionals looking to upskill
  • Business owners

This course will take your social media skills to industry professional level!

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Get ahead with industry leading social media marketing training.

Designed to take you from beginner to expert, this course has been created in consultation with a number of Forbes’ listed Top 50 global Social Media experts, so you can be confident that you are getting the very latest, first-class industry knowledge and expertise.

Designed to have you ready to:

  • Manage and create a brand strategy across all social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger*(new), WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, Snapchat and more!
  • Implement and develop a strong business model.
  • Build social media sales funnels and learning to use powerful ad manager tools.
  • Create compelling social media marketing content according to the latest global technology trends

Where could this course take you?

There is currently an Australian skills shortage for trained social media marketing professionals. We have seen a 66% increase in social media specialists job advertisements in 12 months. That means there are many reasons to get accredited with social media marketing training now.

Managerial Roles

  • Head of Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Manager

$100 – $200K+ Salary

Upskilled Roles

  • Social Media Strategist
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Social Media Community
  • Brand Manager

$75 – $100K+ Salary

Entry Level Roles

  • Digital Coordinator
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Communications Assistant
  • Social Media Research

$50 – 75K Salary

Download Social Media Marketing Course Overview

Industry Experience & Internship Opportunities.

If you are just starting out in the Social Media Marketing arena and do not have a business to work with, we encourage you to take on an internship experience with us or our digital marketing business partners accross QLD, NSW and VIC.

Your role as an intern will include:

  • Assisting with running campaigns
  • Monitoring campaign posts using our live strategy documents
  • Creating reports post campaign completion
  • Designing weekly email newsletters for both our clients and sales team
  • Assisting our course departments with content creation for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN
  • Scheduling and planning social media posts according to the events on the content calendar
The internship can start anytime and has a duration of 6 weeks. We suggest that you commit between 3-5 hours per week to your study and internship responsibilities in order to make an impact on your progress! 
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Meet Nadia

Nadia Vanek is our experienced Social Media Marketing Coordinator and Trainer. She has an impressive list of credentials and experience, to ensure that you get the most out of your accredited social media marketing training.

Schedule a free chat to see how we can help you become a qualified Social Media Marketer and be 100% job ready with an comprehensive portfolio to show off!

Dynamic and fast-growing industry

We know that Social Media is an ever-changing platform which is why we have our professional trainers liaising with the top Digital Marketers in Australia to bring you the latest Social Media news, tools and strategies as they are rolled out!

Immediately applicable

The course includes tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to your employer or own business

Hands-on experience

The assessments require you to develop and launch a social media marketing strategy and implementation plan on numerous social media networks.

Graduate with a business + personal portfolio

Upon graduation, you will have developed a comprehensive business portfolio to show prospective employees, as well as an impressive personal brand on social media.


You will have access to a series of 5 mini specialised interactive live webinars that will hone your skills in Facebook/ Instagram Ads, SEO and content writing, live video and relationship marketing to grow your online tribe.

10118NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing - Course Outline

The Diploma of Social Media Marketing is the only accredited formal qualification in Australia and allows you to be one of a very select group of people qualified to step into a marketing managerial or directing position as soon as you complete the course.


  • SMMBCM501A: Plan, implement and manage blog and content marketing
  • SMMBCM502A: Plan, implement and manage mainstream social media marketing strategies
  • SMMBCM503A: Plan, implement and manage niche social media marketing strategies
  • SMMBCM504A: Establish and build a strong personal brand in social media.
  • SMMBCM505A: Plan, implement and manage email marketing


  • BSBMKG507: Interpret market trends and developments
  • BSBMKG502: Establish and adjust the marketing mix
  • BSBMKG515: Conduct a marketing audit
Download Social Media Marketing Course Overview

Course Delivery & Pricing

10118NAT Diploma of Social Media Marketing

Course Delivery

Blended Learning

Face-to-face and online

Immediate start upon enrolment

Access to our online learning platform

Flexible, online course study

Bonus Training

Social Marketing Groups

Live networking events

1/2 day Social Media workshops

Live master class webinars

inc Email marketing & SEO



Payment Option 1: Direct Payment

Payment Option 2: Certegy

Payment Option 3: PaySmart

RPL Options Available

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